Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Remembering Carrie Fisher

There is a great disturbance in The Force today with the passing of Carrie Fisher.

Today Miss Fisher’s family and friends lost a loved one and important piece of their existence, and Star Wars fans across the globe lost someone very near and dear to our hearts. As the world mourns, remembers and celebrates the life of Carrie Fisher, thousands of articles about Carrie’s life, career, role as Princess Leia, etc. will be written, published and posted. So while sitting here, staring at the Princess Leia and R2 Gentle Giant statue in the display case next to my office desk, I feel little desire to simply add another article to the pile. Instead, I’m just going to tell a brief story from my childhood.

As a kid (age 3-6 range), I had four major crushes: Princess Leia, She-Ra, Daisy Duke, and one of the lifeguards at our local public pool. Return of the Jedi was the first movie I saw in theaters, and let me tell you, slave Leia was just about the hottest thing in the universe to a three and a half year old in the early 80’s. Thus, I went through a phase where I had every babysitter play Princess Leia so that I could play Luke and save her, or play Han and try to get with her. You know, because four year old little boys actually believe they have a chance with their sixteen year old babysitter… Haha! And it wasn’t just playing around all willy-nilly either. No, I had everything elaborately scripted in my head. I had lines for them to recite at precise moments, one specific couch was Jabba’s sail barge, the fire place was the un-extended bridge on the Death Star, etc., etc., etc.  I was like a young George Lucas! And I’m sure my mother could provide greater detail, but I believe she would inform each babysitter ahead of time, like it was a requirement for getting the job or something. Obviously it was just harmless and cute fun, and every babysitter was cool with it. So yeah, I saved my fair share of young Princess Leia’s, and the galaxy, aka our living room, was always safe and strong in The Force!

Rest in Peace Carrie. You will forever be vibrantly alive in my heart, my memory, and my continual re-watching of the Original Trilogy. May The Force Be With You, always.

The many ways I will always remember Carrie Fisher.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Manifesters' 2016 Holiday Package

This year we (Manifesters), decided to do something a little different and fun for the holiday season. We released a collection of music that we simply dubbed the "2016 Holiday Package". The Holiday Package consists of our six releases of 2016, plus three bonus tracks no longer available for regular download. 

The package saves fans some money, versus downloading the six 2016 releases individually, and is only available from Cyber Monday to New Year's Eve, exclusively on Manifesters' website. So it's a great deal, if I do say so myself...haha! 

Additionally, the Holiday Package serves as something of a compilation album. Our releases this year featured music from Manifesters, Versifier, Oxcyde & Versifier, DayBreakers (Versifier + Hypnose), and collaborations with Hypnose, Big Jess, and Cali Fool. Production wise, the Holiday Package features beats from Oxcyde, Online, Lorenzo, Versifier, and Big Jess. And of course, everything was recorded, mixed and mastered by Big Jess. Also, aside from multiple Minnesotan artists, the Holiday Package brings in Oxcyde from Melbourne, Australia, and Cali Fool and Lorenzo from Ohio. Thus, listeners get an all-star cast with a wide variety of styles.

We had a great year of making music with some incredible artists, and are extremely happy and excited to share it all in one place!

Manifesters' 2016 Holiday Package track list:

1-7. Oxcyde and Versifier "Far Beyond" EP
8. DayBreakers – Break Out
9. Manifesters & Cali Fool – Post That
10. Versifier feat. Cali Fool – Still Awake
11. Versifier feat. Hypnose and Big Jess – Such A Mess
12. Versifier – E-Cigs and Diet Coke
BT. Manifesters feat. Hypnose – Spit Like
BT. Manifesters – Inferno
BT. Versifier – He’s Dangerous

So don't delay, go to www.manifesters.com and download the Holiday Package before it's gone along with 2016! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Welcome (back)

Welcome (back) to Versifier Unleashed! I started this blog in January of 2012 with some hefty ambitions. However, after only seventy eight posts, the blog went dormant in April of 2013. Truth be told, I have no idea where seventy eight posts in sixteen months, which averages out to a little fewer than five a month, falls in the spectrum of most blogs. Maybe I was overachieving and had no idea…? For a time I even kept a running list of topics, items, events, thoughts, etc. I wanted to write about. Alas, life’s dance carried me off in different directions and here we are, almost four years later.

With the start of a new year only two weeks away I figure it is the perfect time to regenerate. I’ve archived and removed the old posts from the blog so we can start fresh with a new chapter and new look. Writing is very much a part of my daily life. Between rhymes/music lyrics, poetry, writing at work, social media, web content, personal correspondence, etc., I get to write in a wide variety of styles and formats. Yet what is missing amongst all that is an open podium with which I can serve a buffet plate of life’s moments and reflections. A blog is the perfect medium to do just that. Thus, we begin!

What can one expect to read on my blog?
Well, I can tell you that a large portion will focus on Hip Hop, music, Star Wars, dogs (mainly my dog), the 501st Legion, and sports, as those are my biggest passions. But I’m sure I’ll sprinkle some extra, off-topic stuff in from time to time. You know, keep it interesting!

So keep a cup of coffee, can of Diet Coke, or glass of whiskey on the rocks handy. It will be a fun ride!