Monday, December 19, 2016

Manifesters' 2016 Holiday Package

This year we (Manifesters), decided to do something a little different and fun for the holiday season. We released a collection of music that we simply dubbed the "2016 Holiday Package". The Holiday Package consists of our six releases of 2016, plus three bonus tracks no longer available for regular download. 

The package saves fans some money, versus downloading the six 2016 releases individually, and is only available from Cyber Monday to New Year's Eve, exclusively on Manifesters' website. So it's a great deal, if I do say so myself...haha! 

Additionally, the Holiday Package serves as something of a compilation album. Our releases this year featured music from Manifesters, Versifier, Oxcyde & Versifier, DayBreakers (Versifier + Hypnose), and collaborations with Hypnose, Big Jess, and Cali Fool. Production wise, the Holiday Package features beats from Oxcyde, Online, Lorenzo, Versifier, and Big Jess. And of course, everything was recorded, mixed and mastered by Big Jess. Also, aside from multiple Minnesotan artists, the Holiday Package brings in Oxcyde from Melbourne, Australia, and Cali Fool and Lorenzo from Ohio. Thus, listeners get an all-star cast with a wide variety of styles.

We had a great year of making music with some incredible artists, and are extremely happy and excited to share it all in one place!

Manifesters' 2016 Holiday Package track list:

1-7. Oxcyde and Versifier "Far Beyond" EP
8. DayBreakers – Break Out
9. Manifesters & Cali Fool – Post That
10. Versifier feat. Cali Fool – Still Awake
11. Versifier feat. Hypnose and Big Jess – Such A Mess
12. Versifier – E-Cigs and Diet Coke
BT. Manifesters feat. Hypnose – Spit Like
BT. Manifesters – Inferno
BT. Versifier – He’s Dangerous

So don't delay, go to and download the Holiday Package before it's gone along with 2016! 

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