Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Remembering Carrie Fisher

There is a great disturbance in The Force today with the passing of Carrie Fisher.

Today Miss Fisher’s family and friends lost a loved one and important piece of their existence, and Star Wars fans across the globe lost someone very near and dear to our hearts. As the world mourns, remembers and celebrates the life of Carrie Fisher, thousands of articles about Carrie’s life, career, role as Princess Leia, etc. will be written, published and posted. So while sitting here, staring at the Princess Leia and R2 Gentle Giant statue in the display case next to my office desk, I feel little desire to simply add another article to the pile. Instead, I’m just going to tell a brief story from my childhood.

As a kid (age 3-6 range), I had four major crushes: Princess Leia, She-Ra, Daisy Duke, and one of the lifeguards at our local public pool. Return of the Jedi was the first movie I saw in theaters, and let me tell you, slave Leia was just about the hottest thing in the universe to a three and a half year old in the early 80’s. Thus, I went through a phase where I had every babysitter play Princess Leia so that I could play Luke and save her, or play Han and try to get with her. You know, because four year old little boys actually believe they have a chance with their sixteen year old babysitter… Haha! And it wasn’t just playing around all willy-nilly either. No, I had everything elaborately scripted in my head. I had lines for them to recite at precise moments, one specific couch was Jabba’s sail barge, the fire place was the un-extended bridge on the Death Star, etc., etc., etc.  I was like a young George Lucas! And I’m sure my mother could provide greater detail, but I believe she would inform each babysitter ahead of time, like it was a requirement for getting the job or something. Obviously it was just harmless and cute fun, and every babysitter was cool with it. So yeah, I saved my fair share of young Princess Leia’s, and the galaxy, aka our living room, was always safe and strong in The Force!

Rest in Peace Carrie. You will forever be vibrantly alive in my heart, my memory, and my continual re-watching of the Original Trilogy. May The Force Be With You, always.

The many ways I will always remember Carrie Fisher.

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