Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Releases

A new year has begun and that means there is new music to be released! I’m excited about what I have scheduled to come out this year. 2016 was a busy year musically, so it’s an easy momentum ride into 2017. With the exception of a few projects, where I want the release date to coincide with a specific event, I’m putting less emphasis on planning/scheduling release dates this year. Essentially, when a project is done and ready to drop, it will drop. The luxury of being an independent artist, who makes music as a hobby and not as a career, is that when I release music, and how often I release music, is entirely up to me. And it doesn’t affect anything else in the process. In the early 2000’s, when we [Manifesters] were performing and touring full time, releases were much more coordinated. CDs had to be pressed, stores had to be stocked, release shows/tours had to be booked, flyers and posters printed, press releases made and sent to media outlets, etc., etc., etc. Now, it’s as simple as uploading the music online and using social media to let the world know new music is available, should they feel so inclined to check it out.    

In 2016 I dropped seven projects, had two others pushed back, and ended the year with our special 2016 Holiday Package sale (read more about the Holiday Package here: What was great about last year’s projects was the diversity of the work. It wasn’t just Versifier tracks, or just Manifesters tracks. I was able to showcase some solo music, some Manifesters’ music, music from my two side duos (DayBreakers with Hypnose and Oxcyde & Versifier), as well as some great collaborations. And while I didn’t release a full length album in 2016, I released an EP, five singles, and a music video. So it was a great range of work.

2016 Releases:
Oxcyde and Versifier – Far Beyond EP
DayBreakers – Break Out single
DayBreakers – Break Out music video
Manifesters and Cali Fool – Post That single
Versifier feat. Cali Fool – Still Awake single
Versifier feat. Hypnose and Big Jess – Such A Mess single
Versifier – E-Cigs and Diet Coke single
*Manifesters – 2016 Holiday Package

Aside from a full length LP, the only other thing missing from 2016 was a release from my Star Wars music project, The Lost Holocron. That’s actually where the two pushed back projects came into play. In the fall, a music video shoot date was set for the Move Along music video from Wave 1 of The Lost Holocron. Unfortunately, a last minute conflict arose. And with the rather large cast and Minnesota winter approaching, there wasn’t a way to reschedule. Wave 2 of The Lost Holocron was slated for release the week before Rogue One hit theaters. But again, it wasn’t quite ready. But fear not, they’re still coming!

In 2017 I am planning on keeping with the theme of showcasing a variety of music and releases. As I mentioned above, nothing is set in stone and any of this can change as the year goes on. But as I write this, on the second day of the year, here is what I have slated for 2017.

Versifier – The Lost Holocron (Wave 2)
*The second 3-song installment of my first of its kind, all original Star Wars Hip Hop project.
*Production by Big Jess and a guest feature by Dispute One.

Versifier – World Wonders single
*Produced by Big Jess.

Versifier – Everyone Love A New Album
*A non-themed full length album
*Production by Big Jess, Oxcyde, Online, Versifier/Big Jess, and Versifier/Caesar
*Guest features by Niibox, Hypnose, Cali Fool, Caesar, HC the Chemist, Dispute One, and Santi Aago

Versifier –
*A mixtape I’m keeping completely under wraps until it drops

Versifier – The Lost Holocron (Wave 3)
*Slated for release in May for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars.

Oxcyde and Versifier – Melbourne to Minneapolis Remix single
*Remix to the first track off our Far Beyond EP.
*Featuring multiple emcees from Australia and Minneapolis
*Slated for release on June 9th, the one year anniversary of the release of Far Beyond.

DayBreakers –
*The first single from our upcoming Day Break EP
*Produced by Oxcyde

Music Videos
Let’s just say I’m hoping to drop somewhere between one and four videos in 2017.

Versifier – The Lost Holocron (Wave 4)
*Slated for release the week before Star Wars EPVIII hits theaters.

Manifesters –
*Stay tuned…!

So here’s to another jam packed year of quality Hip Hop!

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