Wednesday, February 22, 2017

This Week in Manifesters History

February 13 – February 19, 2017

15th Anniversary of The Promo
On February 17, 2002 Manifesters released The Promo, a limited edition seven-song EP. It was our first release as a group, and our second overall, coming a little less than a year after the release of my solo debut album, Beneath The Cover, in March of 2001. The initial release was limited to just two hundred CDs. After The Promo sold out, we discussed doing another run, but decided against it. Years later, in November of 2010, we re-released our first five CDs as digital downloads for a limited time. Thus, The Promo had a small window of virtual shelf life as a digital album. But all in all, The Promo remains somewhat rare. Props to anyone who owns it!

The Promo is a rather strange collection of songs intended to give folks (at the time in 2002), samples of the types of music/styles they could expect from Manifesters going forward. Thus, it contains; two solo Versifier-over-beats tracks, a beatbox and vocal scratching track, a Versifier and Don’t Sleep-over-beat track, an African percussion piece, an instrumental, and a song with our live band, The Manifest Band. At the time it made perfect sense as the album was serving a specific purpose. If one was to just randomly pop the album in today, the effect might be a bit different…

For me, there were three major highlights on The Promo. First is the song Maybe One Day, a track we performed live countless times throughout the years. It was written to one of my favorite Big Jess beats, a beat he made for us based off a sample Don’t Sleep was in love with. If one listens closely, one can hear Tupac laughing in the back ground of the beat. The second is All I Have to Hold, the only studio recording we ever did with our live band. All I Have to Hold also features a local violinist. And the third is Disruptive Silence, which was Don’t Sleep’s studio debut. Oddly enough, Disruptive Silence was over one of my beats. Most songs recorded over my beats never get released, especially back then. But it happened… The ending to Disruptive Silence was actually something Don’t Sleep and I wrote years before. The song itself actually stemmed from that acapella verse. My guess is, those three songs will pop their heads up again in 2019 for Manifesters’ 20th Anniversary.

5th Anniversary of The Death of Dreams Single
On February 19, 2012 I released my The Death of Dreams single. It was a standalone single released digitally on Manifesters’ BandCamp site. During the week of Christmas 2011, my wife was watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on TV, a tradition she’s had since she was little. I was in the room but doing something on my phone and only half paying attention. I’d seen the movie before. Then one of the toys from the Island of Misfit Toys said something that gave me a great idea for a song. So later that night I sent my producer, Big Jess, the audio clip from Rudolph and a copy of a song from 10 Years (my favorite band), and asked if he could produce me a new beat using the two components. The dude is a brilliant producer so I knew he’d come up with something dope, but the result was absolutely amazing! Even Jess was impressed with himself. When he sent me the beat, I was so inspired I wrote the entire track on the spot. It was truly one of those tracks that, concept to master, just came together perfectly.
The track has since been moved from Manifesters’ BandCamp to my Versifier BandCamp site, but it is still available for download. 

Versifier - The Death of Dreams