Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Anakin's 7th Birthday

Today is Anakin’s seventh birthday! It will be my wife and I’s fourth birthday with him, as we adopted Anakin in March of 2013, about three weeks after his third birthday. While Anakin is undoubtedly amongst the most spoiled dogs on the planet on a daily basis, we tend to take that up a notch on his birthday. Over the past three years we’ve formed a tradition of getting Anakin this gigantic, homemade birthday bone treat (from the store attached to a local kennel north of the Twin Cities). It even has a built-in spot for a candle… Then we always do a photoshoot, either at home or out at various locations. For Anakin’s fifth birthday we drove around the Twin Cities taking photos of Anakin next to any signs, businesses, etc. with a “Five”, “5”, or “V” on them. And of course, we make sure to get in all of his favorite activities; a walk, playing catch, wrestling, belly rubs and massages, a car ride, and treats.

This past Saturday we drove up to the kennel to get his bone, only to find they did not have any made this year. So unfortunately, after an exhaustive Google search which yielded zero results, we had to settle for some new treats. Obviously Anakin could care less as they all taste delicious to him, but it was a little disappointing to my wife and I. Meh, what do you do? For the photoshoot, my wife had the idea to buy a kids’ Star Wars t-shirt for him, as we can never find dog-wear we like. Quick sidebar; for the record, other than photoshoots (or functional for extreme weather), we’re not fans of dressing up Anakin. The ironic thing is that Anakin doesn’t like wearing stuff, so he rarely looks happy in the photos. We found a shirt at Target with Darth Vader walking three AT-ATs on leashes. Absolutely perfect! It won’t happen today, but eventually I want to get a photo of me, in my Stormtrooper armor, with Anakin on a leash, wearing the shirt of Vader with AT-ATs on a leash. That’ll be dope!

My wife and I are not having children, so spoiling our dog-child is simply the natural order of life. To say Anakin is a major part of our lives would be a huge understatement. The “man’s best friend” cliché is spot on in my case. The joy we bring to each other’s existence forms a perfect symbiont circle.

To see more Anakin photos than you’d know what to do with, visit his Twitter and Instagram pages. Yes, I started and run a Twitter account and Instagram account for Anakin.
Twitter – @AnakinFessler
Instagram – anakintheblacklab
And for more Anakin photos, plus countless selfies of he and I, check out my Twitter and Instagram pages:
Twitter – @VerseManifest
Instagram – mickelpics

Happy Birthday buddy!

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