Thursday, May 25, 2017

Star Wars 40 For 40 - Characters

Let’s kick off Star Wars 40 For 40 with my list of top 40 characters!

The list is derived from a list of my top 75 favorite characters, which I put together a couple years ago for something else. For those who know me, there aren’t any big surprises. My top 40 favorite characters all come from the Lucas-era of Star Wars, although two Disney-era characters (Sabine and Hera), did make my top 75. 

Mike’s Top 40 Favorite Star Wars Characters
[in alphabetical order]
1. Aayla Secura
2. Ahsoka Tano
3. Allana Solo
4. Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader
5. Asajj Ventress
6. C-3PO
7. Chewbacca
8. Clone ARC Trooper Fordo
9. Clone Captain Rex
10. Clone Commander Cody
11. Clone Commander Fox
12. Clone Trooper / ARC Trooper Echo
13. Clone Trooper / ARC Trooper Fives
14. Clone Troopers (all variations)
15. Corran Horn
16. Darth Bane
17. Darth Zannah
18. General Grievous
19. Han Solo
20. Hondo Ohnaka
21. Imperial Biker Scouts (all variations)
22. Imperial Stomrtroopers (all variations)
23. Jacen Solo / Darth Caedus
24. Jaina Solo-Fel
25. Jax Paven
26. Lando Calrissian
27. Leia Organa-Solo
28. Luke Skywalker
29. Mara Jade-Skywalker
30. Mirax Terrik-Horn
31. Obi-Wan Kenobi
32. Padme Amidala-Skywalker
33. R2-D2
34. Saba Sebatyne
35. Shae Vizla
36. Sheev Palpatine / Darth Sidious
37. Starkiller / Galen Marek
38. Tenel Ka
39. Vestara Khai
40. Yoda

Many of the characters on this list are characters I grew up with and have known my entire life. And many are characters I fell in love with just in the past two decades. But with the exception of a handful who I simply find to be bad-ass, the majority of the characters on this list are all characters I’ve formed emotional attachments to (via the movies, TV and novels). To me, that is one of the most potent examples of just how impactful Star Wars truly is. To create a body of fictional characters people care so deeply for is truly a rare and remarkable thing. But the influence effects of Star Wars are a much longer conversation for a different time.

For those playing along on Twitter, how many characters appear on both my list and yours?

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