Thursday, May 25, 2017

Star Wars 40 For 40 - Collectibles

Star Wars 40 For 40 wraps up with my list of top 40 collectibles!

Of the five Star Wars 40 For 40 lists I created, this one took me the longest. How in the galaxy was I supposed to pick just forty pieces out of the thousands of items in my collection? Well, in all honesty, I couldn’t. Thus, I selected forty pieces that fell into one or more of the following categories; emotional attachment/value/memories, great story, most usage/enjoyment, great “the hunt” story/memory, gift from someone special (family or Star Wars world), or just really cool pieces. The list has a little bit of everything. It’s a little Ahsoka, Vader and Stormtrooper heavy, but really, what did you expect? Haha! I kept having this nagging feeling like I was forgetting something however. Unfortunately, since the vast majority of my collection is in storage and/or has yet to be photo archived, I wasn’t able quell the feeling. So if I was to do this again in a year or so, it might be somewhat different. Nevertheless, here’s the list!

Mike’s Top 40 Favorite Star Wars Collectibles
[items from my collection only – in alphabetical order]  
1. 501st Legion Stormtrooper Action Figure ( Exclusive) [Hasbro – The Saga Collection]
2. "Ahsoka" Ahsoka Tano Print (signed by artist Grant Gould)
3. Ahsoka Tano #CW44 3-3/4" Action Figure [Hasbro - The Clone Wars]
4. Ahsoka Tano 6" Action Figure [Hasbro - The Black Series]
5. Ahsoka Tano ARTFX Statue [Kotobukiya]
6. Ahsoka Tano Disney Infinity 3.0 Figure
7. Ahsoka Tano TCW Electronic Lightsaber Hilt (signed by Ashley Eckstein) [Rubies Costume Co.]
8. Anakin Skywalker EPIII Force FX Lightsaber [Master Replicas]
9. Anakin Skywalker EPIII Stunt Replica Lightsaber Hilt [eFX Collectibles]
10. Biker Scout Electronic Blaster [Kenner - Return of the Jedi]
11. Biker Scout on Speeder Biker 6" Figure [Hasbro - The Black Series]
12. BlasTech E-11 Replica Blaster [custom]
13. Celebration IV Commemorative "Padme Saga" Print (signed by artist Jason Palmer)
14. Celebration V Commemorative "Captain Rex" Print (signed by artist Lee Kohse)
15. Darth Plageius Hardcover Novel (one of James Luceno's personal advanced copies, given to me and signed by author James Luceno)
16. Darth Talon Mini-Bust [Gentle Giant]
17. Darth Vader and Ahsoka Tano Poster (signed by Dave Filoni)
18. Darth Vader on Mustafar Cinemascape Statue [Hasbro]
19. Darth Vader Special Edition 500th Figure [Hasbro - The Trilogy Collection]
20. Darth Vader Zip-up Hoodies (Star Wars Celebration IV Store Exclusive)
21. Ewok Village Playset [Kenner - Return of the Jedi]
22. Framed Anakin Skywalk / Darth Vader Dual Photo (signed by Hayden Christensen) [Official Pix]
23. George Lucas (in Stormtrooper diguise) 3-3/4" Action Figure [Hasbro - The Saga Collection]
24. Han Solo as Stormtrooper 3-3/4" Action Figure (Kellogg's Mail Away) [Hasbro - Power of The Force II]
25. Han Solo DL-44 Electronic Blaster [Kenner - Return of the Jedi]
26. Han Solo DL-44 Replica Blaster [custom]
27. Imperial Shuttle (Target Exclusive) [Hasbro - The Saga Collection]
28. Life-Size Darth Vader Standee Display with Celebration V Trip Giveaway Ballot Box
29. Luke Skywalker EPVI Replica Lightsaber Hilt [custom]
30. Millennium Falcon [Kenner - Return of the Jedi]
31. Padme Amidala "Courage" Statue [Hasbro - Unleashed]
32. Princess Leia & R2-D2 Animated Statue [Gentle Giant]
33. Shaak Ti (The Force Unleashed) #BD61 3-3/4" Action Figure [Hasbro - The Legacy Collection]
34. Shae Vizla Mini-Bust [Gentle Giant]
35. Star Wars Celebration IV Backpack (Celebration IV Store Exlcusive)
36. Stormtrooper Mini-Bust [Gentle Giant]
37. Super Articulated Clone Trooper 3-3/4" Action Figure [Hasbro - Revenge of the Sith]
38. The Clone Wars Launch Captain Rex T-Shirt ( Exclusive)
39. The Jedi Path Deluxe Edition (given to me by, and signed by, author Daniel Wallace)
40. TIE Fighter [Kenner - Return of the Jedi]

For those playing along on Twitter, what are your favorite collection pieces?   

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