Friday, May 12, 2017

Star Wars 40 For 40 - Coming 5-25-17

On May 25, 2017 Star Wars turns forty years old! I’ve only been alive for thirty seven and half years of the forty, and only old enough to be a fan for roughly thirty four years. Regardless, since age three, Star Wars has been a huge part of my life. In honor of forty years in a galaxy far, far away, I have a few fun little things on the books. May 25th falls on a Thursday this year, so after work I’ll spend the evening and night watching the Original Trilogy. On Saturday the 27th I’m hosting a Star Wars 40th Anniversary get together. I’ve invited some Star Wars friends of mine (from the 501st, the collecting community, the fan community, and the Hip Hop community), over for a night of discussing, watching, and celebrating Star Wars. Social media wise, I’ll be actively posting from multiple accounts on various platforms. Finally, right here on my blog, I’ll be posting my Star Wars 40 For 40. The name (and promo image), are a play-off of ESPN’s 30 For 30. Instead of films however, its lists. More specifically, Top 40 lists. Forty lists of forty would be excessive, so it’s lists of forty for forty years of Star Wars. Star Wars 40 For 40 will consist of five lists, each with their own post and breakdown.

The five lists are:
1. My Top 40 Favorite Characters
2. My Top 40 Movies/Episodes
3. My Top 40 Novels
4. My Top 40 Collectibles (from my collection only)
5. My Top 40 Fan Experiences

Want to join in on the fun?
*Create your own lists (choice the ones you like or do all five)
*On May 25th – Post on Twitter (graphic or link to blog), using the hashtag #StarWars40For40

So check back here and follow along at @VerseManifest on Twitter on May 25th.

May The Force Be With You!

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