Saturday, May 13, 2017

Team'd Up

I am often asked about the origins behind my favorite sports teams. Living in eight cities in five states throughout my life, I have never been a hometown team type of guy. Each one of my teams is “my team” for a reason, and my loyalty to said teams is absolute. With the exception of baseball, for some reason, once I chose a team to follow, support and cheer for, that’s my team for life.

From the moment I could walk; playing, watching, following, and being passionate about sports, has been a major facet of my life.  In terms of playing sports; basketball, baseball and skateboarding were always at the forefront, with football, golf, bowling, tennis, BMX biking, and others not far behind. I even played two seasons of soccer as a kid before writing that sport off forever. Since graduating college, my playing days have been exclusively recreational (league or otherwise), and tend to stay in the basketball, gym, bowling, golf and tennis range. When it comes to watching and following sports however, very little has changed for me over the years. I don’t stray too far from the big three; football (NFL and college), basketball (NBA and college), and baseball (MLB). I do make it a point to catch pieces of the Olympics, X-Games and major tennis tournaments. And of course, a daily dose of Sports Center always fills in the rest. If I had to venture a guess, I would say I spend a minimum of three hundred hours a year watching football, basketball and baseball. But just like any hobby or extracurricular activity, it is a priority for me and thus, I make/schedule time for it.

Initially, I was going to provide a long-winded breakdown of my history with each one of my favorite teams. However, it was quickly turning into a short novel. So instead, I’m just going to go list style.

My Teams:
*NFL – Minnesota Vikings
*College Football – Ohio State Buckeyes
*NBA – Chicago Bulls
*Men’s College Basketball – Georgetown Hoyas
*MLB – Minnesota Twins (plus New York Mets and New York Yankees)

Favorite Sports to Watch on TV (in alphabetical order):
1. College Football Playoffs
2. College Football Regular Season
3. Men's College Basketball March Madness
4. Men's College Basketball Regular Season
5. MLB Playoffs
6. MLB World Series
7. NBA Finals
8. NBA Playoffs
9. NBA Regular Season
10. NFL Playoffs
11. NFL Regular Season

Top 25 Favorite Sports to Watch on TV (in alphabetical order):
1.College Football Bowl Games
2. College Football Playoffs
3. College Football Regular Season
4. Men's College Basketball Conference Tournaments
5. Men's College Basketball March Madness
6. Men's College Basketball Regular Season
7. Men's Golf
8. Men's Tennis
9. MLB Playoffs
10. MLB Regular Season
11. MLB World Series
12. NBA All-Star Saturday Night
13. NBA Finals
14. NBA Playoffs
15. NBA Regular Season
16. NFL Playoffs
17. NFL Regular Season
18. NFL Super Bowl
19. NHL Playoffs (MN Wild only)
20. Summer Olympics
21. Winter Olympics
22. Women's Golf
23. Women's Tennis
24. X-Games (Other Events)
25. X-Games (Skateboarding)

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