Monday, May 15, 2017

The Collections 1.1 The Overview

There’s always been something about collecting that has drawn me to it. There’s a level of controlled insanity to it, as you are purposely starting something you know you will never complete. But the value in collecting lies in the journey and not the final destination. It's the thrill of the hunt. It's the rush of endorphins when acquiring a new piece. It's the hours of research, cataloging and archiving, which lead to the fun of organizing, and the pride in displaying. And it's the people, places, events and experiences your collection introduces you to along the way. Collecting is more than just a hobby, it's a passion. 

Over the course of my life I've had twenty different collections. A few are/were larger in size, but the majority falls into the small category. Regardless, each collection either reflected a meaningful aspect of my life, or was simply something that I enjoyed. Some of my collections were acquired during childhood where, without being of age to have a job, were at the mercy of gifts from my parents and family, or money earned from mowing lawns. Even as a teenager and adult, seeing as how I am not rich by any means, collecting is still a balance of financial prioritization and responsibility. But that makes all of my collections, past and present, that much more special as they were built by my hard work, and by the generosity of loved ones. Every piece has a story to tell. Thus, it was only in the past decade that I parted ways with almost all of my collections. Many of them had sat untouched and dormant in boxes and bins for years. They were collections I no longer added to and no plans to ever display again. So after a fierce bout of emotional tug-of-war, they were sold or given away.

Here are my twenty collections:
1. Star Wars
2. Music
3. Timberland Boots
4. Winter Beanie Hats
5. Toothless (from How to Train Your Dragon)
6. Michael Jordan Memorabilia
7. Chicago Bulls Memorabilia
8. Georgetown Hoyas (men’s basketball) Memorabilia
9. Sports Memorabilia
10. 90’s Basketball Shoes
11. 90’s Fitted New York Yankees Hats
12. 90’s Basketball Jerseys
13. Sports Cards
14. Skateboards
15. Skateboarding Memorabilia
16. The Simpsons Memorabilia
17. 80’s & 90’s Action Figures and Toys
18. Trading Cards
19. Coca-Cola & Diet Coke Cans (from around the world)
20. Novelty Decks of Cards

My Star Wars collection is my primary collection. It is by far my largest collection, and the one I take the most joy and pride in. The music collection is somewhat impressive, especially the 80’s and 90’s Hip Hop and R&B sections. Star Wars and music are the two collections I started as a child in the 80’s that I still actively collect today. And Star Wars, music, Timberlands, and winter hats are my only currently-active collections. I no longer add pieces to the Toothless collection, although I still have it. I’ve kept some very select Michael Jordan, Chicago Bulls, Hoyas and skateboard pieces from those respective collections. Everything else, from every other collection has; been sold, given away, or is in the process of being sold. Sadly, 95% of my Star Wars collection currently resides in a secure, climate controlled storage facility. However, once my wife and I move from our current house into a larger house, the collection will have its own room to be on permanent display. The Timberlands and winter hats are functional and thus serve me well in the eight months of harsh climate in Minneapolis. 

To preserve the memory of my past collections, I have begun creating digital archives of some of them. Albeit time consuming, as unfortunately I didn’t have the foresight to take photos prior to parting with everything, it’s a great alternative way to hold onto a collection. And it only takes up a small amount of hard drive space! However, some of the collections would require way more research and time than I am willing to allot. But I’ll have future blog segments highlighting the collections I was/am able to digitally re-create as well as pieces on my current collections.


Current Active Collections
1. Star Wars [childhood to current]
2. Music [childhood to current]
            *CDs, Vinyl and Digital
            *Cassettes were sold
3. Timberland Boots [age 14 to current]
            *6” Premium only
4. Winter Beanie Hats [adulthood to current]

Past Collections
5. Toothless [adulthood] *still have
6. Michael Jordan Memorabilia [childhood to adulthood] *kept select pieces
7. Chicago Bulls Memorabilia [childhood to adulthood] *kept select pieces
8. Georgetown Hoyas Memorabilia [childhood to adulthood] *kept select pieces
9. Sports Memorabilia [childhood to adulthood]
            *NCAA Men’s Basketball
            *Scottie Pippen
            *Allen Iverson
            *Minnesota Vikings
            *Ohio State Buckeyes Football
            *New York Mets
            *New York Yankees
            *NCAA Football
10. 90’s Basketball Shoes [1990’s]
11. 90’s Fitted NY Yankees Hats [1990’s]
12. 90’s Basketball Jerseys [1990’s]
13. Sports Cards [childhood to teenage years]
            *Michael Jordan
14. Skateboards [childhood to teenage years]
15. Skateboard Memorabilia [childhood to teenage years]
            *Power Peralta
            *Tony Hawk
            *Fingerboards and Tech Deck
16. The Simpsons Memorabilia [childhood to teenage years]
17. 80’s & 90’s Toys [childhood]
            *Masters of the Universe / He-Man / She-Ra
            *Thunder Cats
            *Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
            *Go Bots
            *Army Ants
            *Battle Beasts
            *M.U.S.C.L.E. Men
            *Matchbox / Hot Wheels / Tonka
            *Army Men and Cowboys & Indians
            *Role Play Weapons
            *Micro Machines
            *[Multiple Others]
18. Trading Cards [childhood]
            *Garbage Pale Kids
            *[Various Others]
19. Coca-Cola and Diet Coke Cans [childhood]
20. Novelty Trading Cards [childhood]

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