Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Collections 1.2 Archives - 90's Style

Past Collection Archives
*1990’s Basketball Shoes
*1990’s Basketball Jerseys
*1990’s Fitted New York Yankees Hats

Three of my past collections that were easy to create a digital archive of all have five things in common; they were small collections, they were from the 1990’s, they were sports related, they were functional clothing items I wore, and they are three styles of clothing I don’t wear as an adult.

The basketball shoes underwent a routine of full service shoes until they were worn out enough that they were downgraded to lawn mowing shoes, before later being retired to the trash. It’s cool to see that many of the shoes I used to own are being re-released nowadays. They were definitely dope! But I don’t invest good money in sneakers anymore as I wear dress shoes and Timberlands on a daily basis, and really only wear sneakers when I’m playing sports, exercising, or doing lawn work. Fun fact: I actually had two pairs of the Nike Air Force (#13 on the chart below), as those were our team shoes my junior year of high school. The team shoes the other years I played high school basketball were ones I would never have chosen to purchase or wear. 

The vast majority of my basketball jerseys were sold once I hit adulthood as I didn’t see myself ever wearing jerseys again. I kept the home red Jordan’s (#23 and #45) and the home red Pippen jerseys however, as one day it would be cool to have those framed. And I still have the Hoyas’ Othella Harrington reversible practice jersey. I still hoop in that from time to time. 

The Yankees hats were all sold or given away well over a decade ago. In fact, I haven’t owned or worn a baseball-style hat since my freshman year in college. As is evident from my winter beanie hat collection, I love keeping my head and ears warm in style throughout Minnesota winters, but baseball-style hats just haven’t been my thing for a long time now. But in high school, the hat and shirt/hoodie color had to match.

Had my finances at the time allotted, each collection would likely have been larger. But I definitely covered by basis with each, and all served me well.  Lots of good memories!

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