Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Collections 1.3 Star Wars Collection Tiers

Today, the volume and variety of Star Wars merchandise on the market boarders on utter madness. So it forces collectors to examine what’s most important to their collection, and then re-focus their collecting efforts accordingly. Short of having Powerball money, the days of collecting “everything” are long gone for most folks. The more common and practical approach nowadays is to focus on specific characters, items, brands, etc. Obviously, there are always going to be those wildcard pieces that are just too great to pass up. But let’s be real, there’s no such thing as too many Star Wars items.

My Star Wars collection is currently structured in a three-tier system. Aside from being slightly, albeit purposely, open-ended on the third section/category of Tier 3, it’s fairly cut and dry. The tiers encompass the characters/items which are the most important to me and thus, what I hunt and add to my collection. My collection as a whole does includes many pieces (acquired throughout the years), that don’t fall into any of the tiers, although I have zero intention of ever parting with said pieces. 

As you can see, it’s not exactly a short list, but it’s as slim as I could get it… And of course, it fails to factor in obtaining at least three of certain items (to open one and keep two sealed), or, in the case of Stormtroopers, Clones, etc., getting multiples for army-building. Yet even sticking to this system for the remainder of my life, I’d still never amass many complete collections. Hence the “controlled insanity” of collecting I mentioned The Collections 1.1 The Overview. The only reason I have the complete collection of Expanded Universe novels is because Disney killed the EU, re-named it Legends (he says with venom in his voice), and stopped allowing new novels to be written. I’d love to believe that the rumors of allowing the now-non-canon chronology of the EU continue with new novels are true. If so, I’d gladly trade my one and only complete collection header for new adventures. And due to the baffling low number of Ahsoka items in existence, I’d like to think that one day that collection will be complete as well. Regardless, the hunt will continue.

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