Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Collections 1.5 Archives - Sports Memorabilia

– Michael Jordan Memorabilia
– Chicago Bulls Memorabilia
– Georgetown Hoyas [Men’s Basketball] Memorabilia
– Various Sports Memorabilia
            *NCAA Men’s Basketball
            *Scottie Pippen
            *Allen Iverson
            *Minnesota Vikings
            *Ohio State Buckeyes Football
            *New York Mets
            *New York Yankees
            *NCAA Football
– Skateboard Memorabilia
            *Power Peralta
            *Tony Hawk
            *Fingerboards and Tech Deck

By the time I finally decided to part with my sports memorabilia, multiple collections I had amassed since childhood, we were talking around ten large moving boxes full of items. There were; posters, shirts, hats, magazines, news articles, product boxes and wrappers, promotional displays, glasses, toys, autographs, collectibles, keychains, home décor items, kitchen items, office items, stickers, other articles of clothing, books, plaques, pins, photos, VHS tapes, and just about anything else one can think of. I even had the ticket stubs and programs from every single live sporting event I ever attended… It was rough. Unlike many of my other past collections, these collections consisted of more than merely purchasing items from a store. These were collections cultivated from years of combing through newspapers and magazines, waiting in lines, multiple trips to fast food restaurants, attending sporting events, asking store managers if I could have displays after a promotion was complete, letting boxes depict what I picked up at the grocery store, entering raffles, writing and mailing letters to athletes and teams, trading with friends, and of course, actually just purchasing items from stores or dealers. My bedroom from elementary school through high school looked more like a shrine than a place a child slept. But I loved it.

These collections provided many years of enjoyment, but I knew it wasn’t realistic or practical to hold onto them for the rest of my life. Granted, I wish digital photography had been around at the time so that I could have documented it all as, because of the nature of these collections, I’ll never be able to re-create a digital archive. But I’ll always have my memories. I did however keep a small number of items.

Some remnants of my Michael Jordan collection:

When Michael Jordan’s father was murdered, I sent him a letter and sympathy card. This was what I received in response:

I saved my two most prized Chicago Bulls collectibles; a piece of the court from the old Chicago Stadium, and a brick from the old Chicago Stadium.

The Georgetown Hoyas gear Nike put out in the mid-1990’s was so dope! Here are just three of the pieces I saved:

From my skateboard memorabilia collection I saved this poster, and some of the old Powell Peralta VHS tapes.

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