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An Ahsoka Legacy

Over the years I’ve been able to create and experience some pretty dope things with and in my Ahsoka Tano fandom. And I was able to do them across four different platforms; as me the fan, as Ahsoka Tano’s Life on Twitter and Instagram, musically as Versifier, and in Stormtrooper armor at TK-9721. I’ve written more than a few appreciation and reflection pieces in the past celebrating the Ahsoka character and the fandom she created. So with this piece, I’m just running down the list of my contributions to the grand spectrum of Ahsoka Tano fandom. Check it out!

While I am neither the person who created the hashtag #TanoTuesday, nor the first person to ever use it on Twitter or Instagram, my @AhsokaTanosLife Twitter account was the first to use it on a weekly basis and the first to ever get it trending, hence why I call @AhsokaTanosLife on Twitter the “Official Home of #TanoTuesday”. What started as a simple weekly tradition for Ahsoka Tano’s Life followers and I gradually grew into a weekly social media staple used and celebrated all over the world. It became something fun and meaningful, a self-sustaining appreciation that no longer required my involvement to keep it going. But I’ve never missed a week since I began, and have no plans to stop anytime soon.

It was only natural that Ahsoka be granted her own day. I’m just happy that I could be the one to do it. I created a holiday! Granted, it is only celebrated by a small number of Ahsoka fans throughout the world, but it’s humbling to know people passionately celebrate it nonetheless. I chose January 29th for the date as it was the day, in 2008, that Lucasfilm unveiled and first introduced the Ahsoka Tano character to the world (ahead of her debut in The Clone Wars movie in August 2008). As far as the world outside of Lucasfilm employees is concerned, it’s essentially Ahsoka’s birthday. Thus, it’s the perfect day for Ahsoka Tano Day. Today is the third annual Ahsoka Tano Day and I plan to keep making it more special each year. 

On July 26, 2013 I started posting a daily image of Ahsoka on the @AhsokaTanosLife Twitter page using the hashtag #AhsokasDailyHoloImage. I haven’t missed a day yet! I didn’t start the Ahsoka Tano’s Life Instagram account until October 31, 2015, but there has been an #AhsokasDailyHoloImage every day since on there as well. Certain images are used more than once, although I try to limit those to once a year. But in all honesty, it’s hard to keep track sometimes. Regardless, the streak will remain unbroken.

Ahsoka (the song)
Wave 1 of The Lost Holocron, my first of its kind, all-original Star Wars Hip Hop project, featured a track called Ahsoka, the world’s first Ahsoka song. The song was released on April 22, 2014 and followed Ahsoka’s journey up through her leaving the Jedi Order (and The Clone Wars), and walking away from Anakin on the steps of the Jedi Temple. There is a homemade music video for the track that visually ties the song together. The beat, produced by the one and only Big Jess, was sampled from Love Theme off of the Star Wars Attack of the Clones soundtrack by John Williams. So naturally the vibe is emotionally charged. I’ve had some folks tell me they cried at the end of the song/video. That’s what it’s all about! I have a second Ahsoka song already in the works for Wave 3 of The Lost Holocron. And for this next Ahsoka song I’m planning a live-action music video using one of my two insanely talented directors. I know who I want to play Ahsoka too. Let’s just hope I can convince her to get back in paint and costume one
more time…
Listen to Ahsoka, download the song for free, and watch the music video at

On March 2nd, 2016 I announced on @AhsokaTanosLife that March 2nd, 2017 will be the first annual #AhsokaFansDay. Ahsoka Fans Day is a second Ahsoka-themed holiday, complimentary to #AhsokaTanoDay. Ahsoka Tano Day celebrates everything Ahsoka related. Ahsoka Fans Day will celebrate the fans of Ahsoka and the wide spectrum of fandom Ahsoka has spawned. The reason why I chose March 2nd is because it has been a day of emotional events for Ahsoka fans. March 2nd, 2013 is the day Ahsoka left the Jedi Order and Anakin in the season 5 finale of The Clone Wars. And March 2nd, 2015 is the day Ahsoka officially returns, in the Fire Across the Galaxy episode of Rebels. Thus, it makes for the perfect day for Ahsoka fans to come together and celebrate Ahsoka fandom. So stay tuned, March is right around the corner.

Ahsoka Loyalist Trooper
While my 332nd Legion “Ahsoka Loyalist” clone trooper armor is under construction I’ve been rocking my custom Ahsoka pauldron on my Stormtrooper armor. And of course, there’s the matching custom Hasbro The Black Series 6” Stormtrooper figure. Get the full back story in my piece The Evolution of Darth Cyphis:

Ahsoka Weeks
Using @AhsokaTanosLife Twitter (and Instagram), I’ve had fun over the years with a few different “Ahsoka Weeks”, highlighting various aspects of Ahsoka herself or Ahsoka fandom. I’ve done two segments of #AhsokaArtWeek (a big hit), sharing Ahsoka artwork from various artists around the globe. #AhsokaToyWeek showcased some of my favorite Ahsoka toys and collectibles. And #AhsokaLooksWeek was a comprehensive breakdown of every look and wardrobe/accessories/gear worn by Ahsoka in The Clone Wars and Rebels. Ahsoka Looks Week even included a set of forty three digital trading cards. I’ll have more going forward. In 2017 I hope to have an Ahsoka Week where the theme is picked by the followers of @AhsokaTanosLife.

So stay dialed in, there’s some exciting stuff still to come…!

Ahsoka Tano’s Life
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Mike / Versifier / TK-9721
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The Lost Holocron
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And finally, click the link below to watch an Ahsoka Tano Day 2017 video I threw together quick: 

Happy #AhsokaTanoDay!

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