Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Dr. Mickel's Amerie Favorites

Dr. Mickel's Amerie/Ameriie Favorites
*A Dr. Mickel's Golden Era Playlists Special Edition

Ameriie is hands down my favorite female R&B singer of all time, and in my top ten favorite vocalists (male/female, all genres), of all time. My first experience with Amerie was her "Talkin' to Me" video in 2002. That's really all it took...haha! The girl I was dating at the time had already bought the 'All I Have' album so I immediately went to go listen. I then went out and bought my own copy. For months I would drive to and from work with that CD on constant repeat. Not many artists can take me away from early morning sports radio I typically commute to. I absolutely love and celebrate Ameriie's entire catalogue, but 'All I Have' is, to this day, still my favorite Ameriie album.

Ameriie has released four studio albums, one studio EP, two best-of albums, a mixtape, and a handful of singles. I have everything in my personal collection with the exception of the Because I Love It volume 1 Mixtape. I've been trying to get my hands on a physical copy of that for years, to no avail...yet, I'm still hopeful. By my count there are a total of 109 Amerie/Ameriie tracks; 96 tracks of hers and 13 tracks by other artists featuring Ameriie. [side note: if any Ameriie fans reading this know of more than 109 tracks, please let me know as I'd love to update my list! Thanks.]

Of said 109 tracks, here are my favorite 21 songs and my 14 "runner-ups".

[both lists in alphabetical order]

  1. 1 Thing
  2. All I Need
  3. Can't Let Go
  4. Come with Me
  5. Crazy Wonderful
  6. Dangerous
  7. Every Time
  8. Float 
  9. Got to Be There
10. Hate2loveu
11. Like It Used to Be
12. Losing U
13. More Than Love
14. Need You Tonight
15. Paint Me Over
16. Show Me
17. Take the Blame
18. Talkin' to Me
19. Tell Me You Love Me
20. Trouble with Love
21. Why R U

  1. Gotta Work
  2. Hatin' on You
  3. Heard 'Em All
  4. I Just Died
  5. Just What I Needed to See
  6. Not The Only One
  7. Out Loud
  8. Redrum
  9. Rolling Down My Face
10. Sing About It
11. Take Control
12. Talkin' About
13. That's What U R
14. Why Don't We Fall in Love

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